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3 Questions to Ask Professional Wedding DJ in Pittsburgh

One important question a potential client is encouraged to ask a wedding DJ is the level of professional experience and training. Browsing through most DJ websites, this crucial question is not even listed in the top ten frequently asked questions to entertainment companies. The most common questions focus on insurance and back up equipment, which have very little to do with a wedding reception. For instance, from our 20 years of experience as a professional wedding DJ in Pittsburgh, we have never had any incident that required insurance. (Yes, we have insurance.)

Another frequently asked question is the fee charged as compared to others. The clients want to know why we are more or less expensive than the others. This is a valid question but it's beneficial to ask it in person as opposed to asking through email, phone or text. A client will be able to see the value of the fee charged by talking to the professional DJ in person. Usually, most DJs have pre-written answers to most of the questions asked through emails and texts and which sound pretty much the same.

Just like the process of hiring an employee whereby they first fill a resume, followed by a phone call and finally an in-person interview, hiring a wedding DJ is no different. This is a very important person in your wedding if you want to have a memorable moment. The importance of an in-person interview cannot be underrated because you get to find out the DJ's character traits like moves, expressions and interpersonal qualities. A good DJ will be graceful, provide accurate information with wit and charm that is tasteful. Resumes can hide lots of information and some of them are exaggerated and don't represent accurate facts. Nothing beats an in-person interview because you can see through many things and even get to idea how he will interact with your guest. Another important fact to note is that there is no DJ who will tell you that they are cheaper than the rest because they are less experienced or not adequately trained. They often tell you that they can do the same job like others for less. When interviewing DJ pay attention to how they answer questions and carefully listen to their costing reasons. Generally, cheap DJs make the entire job sound easy and effortless. They will tell you that they have done things for many years and have served in many weddings. Numbers do not reflect quality and expertise. An expensive DJ will be very detailed and show how professional the job is. Just like most things in life, a high quality DJ who is in high demand will cost more to hire. These type of experts are rare and elusive.

It's important to hire more expensive DJs than 'cheap' ones because they tend to value their job, work hard sharpening their skills, and take pride to serve in weddings. This is a person with a library of music collections and cannot miss any choice of songs requested during your occasion. Don't take a chance on a once in a lifetime event.