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The 3 Big Mistakes You Can Make When Hiring an Affordable Pittsburgh DJ

The three biggest mistakes often made during the wedding reception entertainment process are:

1. Judging vendors by price.

2. Assuming that vendors have a one size fits all pricing structure.

3. Not effectively communicating with the entertainment company.

Wedding Reception Entertainment - Judging Vendors by Price and Not By Value

A common mistake often made when choosing wedding reception entertainment is selecting low budget entertainment. Having guests leave early due to poor entertainment is a huge disappointment for you and your fiancée. When you hire high quality entertainment, they will help you arrange a reception that keeps guests actively involved and have FUN. The most affordable Pittsburgh DJ is likely not the best for you.

Wedding entertainment is more than just playing music. Your wedding entertainer is accountable for coordinating the timeline, managing the opening and flow of proceedings, working with other vendors, managing the guests, understanding the crowd and making sure the correct song is played at the right time. Your entertainer will also help you work out your wedding reception music in advance, to make certain the correct songs are selected and the reception runs efficiently.

Assuming that Entertainment Has a One Size Fits All Pricing Structure

A subsequent misconception is that entertainment is a "one size fits all" in terms of pricing structure. Various wedding reception entertainers have various pricing structures and can range anywhere from $ 1000 to $ 5000 for your event. Entertainers should have pricing structures that meet all the needs of their clients, that are a good fit for both the entertainer and the Bride & Groom. The best entertainment may not be the most affordable Pittsburgh DJ

Effective Communication Between You and Your Entertainment Company

Having an open flow of communication with your entertainment company is important in having a successful wedding reception. If your event is lacking communication, you are not going to have the wedding you were expecting. When people hire an entertainment company, they automatically assume everything will fall into place; not if the lines of communication are unclear. The best company for you, may not be the most affordable Pittsburgh DJ

Inspired by a blog entry written by: L. Kassberg